Friday, April 30, 2010


The world's got too much of me in it to have much left over for here now, but I still like coming to this secret garden once in a while. Check on the moss, pluck at some weeds.

I have a new tattoo, it's three leaves on my right shoulder. It looks like an aquatint etching, ghostly and light. I love it alot. Simon from Borneo Ink was the man. Like the first time, getting tattooed was an entirely positive experience. Afterwards, you feel slightly light-headed from the pain, but so elated. It's as if all your different selves are hugging to each other fiercely, having come to a consensus about choosing a common totem, a seal, a star that guides the boat.

I live and work in my little house, attended at all times by uncertainty, incompleteness, and imperfection. This seems alright. I'm learning how to conduct them like an orchestra, although to be sure sometimes they play me! It seems that everyday I measure new strengths only by the recognition of my own weaknesses... turning lead into gold, isn't that what the alchemists did?

Magicians are a deceitful lot, don't trust them. They never remember where they bury their nuts until the last minute.

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